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Can Window Glass Crack after tint?

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Can Window Glass Crack after tint?


Can Glass 'Crack' after film is installed?

During the summer months, we see a lot of interest in Home Window Tinting, and many consumer's will head to local store to purchase "off-the-shelf" window film and apply it to their home windows to try and beat the heat. 

Using the wrong film can crack windows, and cause damage to the home..

See below a customer that emailed us few days ago with the exact problem...


Applying the wrong grade or even installing Automotive Film on house windows will cause damage to their windows...

Automotive Film absorbs heat and UV rays where house windows reflect heat and UV..

Residential and commercial tinting is big business where installers can make upwards $300 per hour on Tinting house windows. 

Want to know and where to start tinting house windows? Watch this free webinar!