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DIY Window Tint "Keg" Sprayer

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DIY Window Tint "Keg" Sprayer

If you are a window tinter that has finally opened their own shop and needs a bigger tank for the increased volume you’re seeing the 5 gallon Tint Keg is the perfect fit for your needs! Save valuable time by only filling up once.

What you need:

To make a keg sprayer for tinting windows, you will need the following materials:

1. Empty Keg: Find a keg that suits your needs, preferably stainless steel or aluminum.

2. Air Compressor: A small air compressor with a pressure regulator is necessary to provide the required air pressure for the sprayer.

3. Air Hose: You'll need an air hose to connect the compressor to the sprayer.

4. Spray Gun: Look for a spray gun with adjustable nozzle settings and a container that can hold the tint solution.

5. Pressure Regulator: Install a pressure regulator between the air compressor and the spray gun to control the air pressure.

6. Fluid Delivery System: Depending on the type of tint you're using, you may need additional components like a pump, hoses, and connectors to deliver the tint solution from a storage container to the spray gun.

7. Filter: It's recommended to incorporate a filter in your system to remove any impurities or debris from the tint solution. 

Here are the steps to make a DIY tint keg sprayer:




1. Empty and Clean the Keg: Start by emptying and thoroughly cleaning the keg. Rinse it with water and ensure there are no residues left inside.


2. Prepare the Air Compressor: Set up the air compressor in a well-ventilated area and connect it to a power source. Make sure it is working properly and adjust the pressure to the desired level, keeping in mind the recommendations of the tint manufacturer.

3. Attach the Air Hose: Connect one end of the air hose to the air compressor's outlet or regulator, and the other end to the air inlet of the spray gun. Ensure a secure connection to prevent air leakage.

4. Install the Spray Gun: Depending on the type of spray gun you are using, follow the manufacturer's instructions to attach it to the keg. This usually involves screwing or locking it onto the keg's opening tightly.


5. Set up the Fluid Delivery System: If your keg sprayer requires a separate fluid delivery system, set it up according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. This may involve using a pump, hoses, and connectors to deliver the tint solution from a storage container to the spray gun. Ensure all connections are secure.


6. Add Tint Solution: Pour the tint solution into the spray gun's container or the fluid delivery system's reservoir, following the tint manufacturer's instructions regarding the recommended dilution ratio.


7. Test and Adjust: Before using the sprayer on actual windows, it's essential to conduct a test spray to check the spray pattern, adjust the air pressure, and ensure everything is functioning as expected. Adjust the nozzle settings on the spray gun to achieve the desired pattern and coverage.


8. Tinting Application: Once you are satisfied with the setup and test results, you can begin tinting the windows using your DIY keg sprayer. Hold the spray gun at a consistent distance from the window surface and apply an even layer of tint solution using smooth, overlapping strokes. Take breaks as needed to avoid overspray or buildup.