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Does House Window Tinting Effect Growth Of Plants?

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Does House Window Tinting Effect Growth Of Plants?
Does House Window Tinting Effect Growth Of Plants?
Tint Academy Runs Automotive and Flat Glass {Residential and Commercial} window tinting certifications and offer full support for our registration. 
We are often asked if the installation of residential window film will harm any indoor plants {such as marijuana or other}.
There is a misconception that ultra-violet light is necessary to plant growth. According to the Netherlands Committee for Plant Irradiation, in a paper presented at the International Horticultural Congress at Scheveningen in 1955, the maximum photosynthetic effect of light is in
the visible range:
UV light is not only unnecessary, but can be harmful to houseplants. Of course, some window film can significantly reduce the visible light transmission. This can slow the growth rate of houseplants, but not as much as one might think. The growth rate of plants is controlled by the limiting factor, which in houseplants is more likely to be a lack of water, nutrients or room for root growth.
In short, tinting your house or commercial windows do not effect the growth of indoor plants

Many thousands of people have both solar film and house plants; we have not one report of any adverse effect.