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Fixing Your Window Tinting Mistakes

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Fixing Your Window Tinting Mistakes

Mistakes Happen.

Creases. Dirt. Fingers. Dust

These are normal mistakes and can be fixed with a few simple steps to help you achieve the perfect window tint job!

Fixing window tinting mistakes requires careful attention to detail and a methodical approach.

In the video above, I detail the top 4 common mistakes you probably have encountered while tinting a window.

The best installation is prevention, creating a clean environment, proper installations with squeegee patterns, but mistakes may happen that are out of your control. 

Instead of getting frustrated - watch the video and apply the techniques I am showing you to create a professional installation for your customer

PS - I still make mistakes, no one is perfect, but identifying and correcting the mistakes is the difference between a professional window tinter and someone that 'slaps' film on a window :)