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how much can you make Tinting Car Windows?

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how much can you make Tinting Car Windows?

So how much can you make Tinting Car Windows?


Hey, LEO here from the Tint Academy, and one of the questions I get ALWAYS is “how much can I make?”


Do you want to start a mobile window tinting company or add mobile tinting services to your existing business?

Mobile window tinting can be a lucrative business opportunity, especially if you live in a locality with plenty of cars.


A mobile window tint business that tint an average of 3 cars per day, five days a week has a potential annual revenue of over $150k {This is working part time}. But on the higher end, a mobile window tint business that can tint 5 cars a day increases that potential to over $250k. Offering high end heat blocking films can increase that potential to over $300k because higher end films can sell for double to triple a standard film.


Lets do the math;


Cost Per Vehicle: $350 {mobile, $250 in a shop}


Cost Materials: $35 Per Vehicle


Other: Distilled Water, Baby Soap, Tools, Microfibre Towels



Now, if you wanted to go the shop route, which will increase your expenses, but your ability to do more cars per day increases as you decrease travel time



But is it easy to get 10 cars per week?


If you follow our marketing laid out, yes. We are getting into the BUSY season as they summer


Not certified yet? No Worries, we have courses over the next few months from coast-to-coat in Canada including Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax and Vancouver


Why miss your earning potential this summer?



Get in touch with me today and lets get you in a course and start earning that money!