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Rock Chip Repair + Window Tint Training Certification Course

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Rock Chip Repair + Window Tint Training Certification Course

To Register for our Windshield Repair + Window Tint Certification Courses contact: 

Jess at or call 289-201-2070

The Tint Academy is the top rated Window Tinting Certification Course in the country. With Courses across Canada from Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax, and Montreal.

In our 2-day certification training, we are offering an additional Windshield Repair course, where you can gain an additional certification. 

In this mini-course, you will become certified in Windshield and Rock Chip Repair. Rock Chip Repair is a great add-on for any window tinter to increase your ticket value by adding $30-$50 per rock chip and only takes 8-12 minutes. In this mini-course, you will also receive Windshield Repair Starter Kit

We are rolling out the Mini-course in: 

- Vancouver

- Montreal

- Winnipeg


What is included in the MINI Course? 

1) Certification

2) Starter Kit

3) Hands-on Training

4) Online Course


What is the benefit of taking the Rock Chip and Windshield Repair Course?

Window Tinters can charge $40-$50 per rock chip, and most customers have multiple! This is an easy way to provide a safety service and increase your ticket value during window tinting and only adding 8 minutes per installation!