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Tint Academy Success Story: From Plumber to Window Tinter, PPF and Wrap Installer in Calgary

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Tint Academy Success Story: From Plumber to Window Tinter, PPF and Wrap Installer in Calgary

Meet Aldren from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

He was a Plumber but was looking for a change in his career and financial future for his kids and working in the plumbing field did not leave him satisfied. 

Aldren decided to take our 2-day Window Tint Certification on Easter Weekend in Calgary of April 2024 in Calgary. 

In the course, he absorbed all the information we provided and excelled. 

Within a week, Aldren landed a full time Job in Calgary at ZZ Autoworks as a Window Tinter, PPF & Wrap Installer and on his off-time he takes on clients on weekends. 

He has control of his schedule, makes a higher wage and is doing something he loves - working on cars!

At 33 years old with 2 children under the age of 5 and a wife, he made the jump. Dedicated two days and absorbed all the information the Tint Academy Provided. 

Don't just take our word for it, watch the video of Aldren testimonial here:

Enrolling in the Tint Academy window certification course presents a transformative opportunity for individuals seeking to revolutionize their financial prospects. In today's competitive market, specialized skills hold the key to unlocking lucrative career paths, and proficiency in window tinting is no exception. This comprehensive program equips participants with the expertise needed to excel in the burgeoning field of window treatment. By mastering the art and science of tinting, graduates gain a valuable asset that can translate into diverse income streams and entrepreneurial ventures. Whether aspiring to launch a tinting business or seeking employment in established firms, the certification serves as a hallmark of credibility, instilling trust in clients and employers alike. With the demand for energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing window solutions on the rise, certified tinting professionals are poised to capitalize on a lucrative market, enjoying financial stability and potentially exponential growth in earnings.

Moreover, the Tint Academy certification course offers more than just technical skills—it fosters a mindset primed for financial success. Through rigorous training modules and practical hands-on experience, students develop the discipline, resilience, and business acumen necessary to thrive in today's dynamic marketplace. Beyond the technical know-how, the course curriculum includes modules on marketing strategies, customer relations, and business management, empowering graduates to not only execute flawless tinting jobs but also effectively market their services and build enduring client relationships.

Armed with this comprehensive skill set, individuals are empowered to take control of their financial destiny, leveraging their expertise to command premium rates, secure repeat business, and expand their professional network. By investing in the Tint Academy window certification course, individuals lay the foundation for a prosperous future, where financial freedom and career fulfillment converge.