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Tint Academy x Tint Bolt - Revolutionize your booking & quoting system

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Tint Academy x Tint Bolt - Revolutionize your booking & quoting system

What you will learn in this Webinar: 

At the Tint Academy, our goal is to increase the level and professionalism of the Window Tinting Industry, and that goes far beyond taking our course as we want to support in all aspects. With the summer approach, we are expecting an "above average" busy summer compared to years previous. 

One of the most important aspects of running a profitable window tinting business is communication and customer relations/scheduling. 

In this webinar, we are going to go behind the scenes with the Owner and Developer of TINT BOLT - a software system exclusively made for Window Tinters based in Canada.

I hear it all the time from Window Tinters that come through our course - they get overwhelmed with the flow and request for their window tinting services. 

The solution? Tint Bolt - and all in one automation, booking, and scheduling system made for Window Tinters, by Window Tinters. 

Join myself {Adam, CEO at Tint Academy} and Jay, Developer and Window Tinter based in Calgary and go behind the scenes on how you you streamline your Window Tinting business this summer and create an awesome flow and customers while you focus on what you love to do - Window Tinting!

What is Tint BOLT Exactly?

Tint Bolt offers a high converting funnel system for window tinters with an integrated quoting and booking UI component, automated reminders to potential customers about their quotes, booking details management, and revenue tracking.