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Why do window tinters use Baby soap to instal window film?

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Why do window tinters use Baby soap to instal window film?


Window tinters often use baby soap, or a similar mild soap solution, when installing window film for a few reasons:

1. **Low Residue:** Baby soap typically leaves behind less residue compared to other soaps or detergents. This is important because any residue left on the window can interfere with the adhesive of the window film, leading to bubbles or poor adhesion.

2. **Mild Formula:** Baby soap is gentle and typically lacks harsh chemicals or additives that could potentially damage the window film or the window itself. This helps ensure that the installation process doesn't cause any damage to the window or its surroundings.

3. **Slippery Surface:** The soapy solution creates a slippery surface, allowing the installer to properly position and adjust the window film before it adheres to the glass. This is crucial for achieving a smooth and professional-looking installation without wrinkles or creases.

4. **Easy Cleanup:** Baby soap is easy to rinse off with water, leaving behind a clean surface once the installation is complete. This makes the cleanup process more straightforward compared to using other cleaning agents that might leave behind stubborn residue.

Overall, using baby soap as part of the installation process helps window tinters achieve better results while minimizing the risk of damage to the window and ensuring a clean finish.