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Certified Vinyl Wrap Installer - Training

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Certified Vinyl Wrap Installer - Training is excited to announce that we are now offering our Vinyl
 The vinyl industry is one of the fastest growing industries and demand for licensed and competent wrap artists is at an all-time high.

 Vinyl Wrap Installer - TrainingThis program will teach students how to successfully wrap an entire vehicle front to back as well as shed insight into the wrap industry for those students looking to start their own wrap shop.

Watch the full video of this course:

 Vinyl Wrap Installer - Training program is offered in 2 levels to ensure that students who complete both have enough hands-on experience to be able to enter the industry immediately.

Why choose the Tint Academy Vinyl Training Program

2 Level program to ensure that all students have enough hands-on experience upon
completion of the course
Business insight on the industry
Variety of different techniques taught to ensure that students are “real world” ready
Topics included  body panels, light tints, chrome deletes, and other applicable topics 

Theory and hands on experience
Exposure to different brands, to show students that there are differences even from
brand to brand
Hand cutting and advanced tucking techniques covered
Vinyl troubleshooting techniques
Access to the LAB Academy for on-going support


Level 1 Training:


The Level 1 Training is for students that do not have any vinyl experience.
We will take a slower and more basic approach to ensure that every student understands the basics of vinyl application and stretching theory.

This course will cover topics so that students can start offering basic vinyl services such as: chrome deletes, headlight/taillight tinting, hood wraps and roof wraps immediately.

 Introduction to vehicle preparation and products required to ensure that perfect finish, We will show you assorted brands of vinyl as well as different finishes, going over the,pros and cons of each Squeegee techniques Vinyl stretches and heating techniques
Headlight and Taillight tint vinyls and application techniques
Hand cutting, trimming, and tucking techniques
Full and Partial Chrome Delete application and cutting,Introduction on how to lay and cut out hoods and roofs (allowing students to offer hood and roof wraps upon completion)Training Program, open to both beginner and intermediate wrap artists.

Price - $1300

Level 2 Training:


  • The Level 2 Training course is for students who have successfully completed
    Level 1 and now want to take their skills to the next level. This course uses many of the
    techniques taught during the first course but applies them to larger and more difficult panels such as bumpers and quarter panels. The goal of this course is for our students to be able to wrap a complete car. We will also be covering disassembly, advanced laying techniques, knifeless tape as well as inlays/overlays. The Level 1 course must be completed prior to taking this course. This course will be taught over 2 days


    Day 1:
    Advanced squeegee techniques are covered, how to squeegee over larger panels as
    well as deal with wrinkles
    Cutting technique to ensure as little vinyl wastage when wrapping an entire vehicle
    Laying techniques for large recesses
    Disassembly and reassembly for things such as door handles, taillights and window
    trims are covered (if applicable)
    We will be going over how to lay doors, fenders and quarter panels on Day 1. Students
    will be expected to be able to lay, squeegee and trim out both doors and quarter panels

    Certified Vinyl Wrap Installer - Training Advanced tucking techniques to ensure that vinyl is tucked correctly for that perfect
    Advanced shrinking and stretching techniques to ensure vinyl is laid correctly for more
    challenging panels
    Advanced knife cutting techniques
    We will also cover how to wrap door handles

    By the end of Day 1, students will be well versed in how to be able to lay fenders, doors and quarter panels correctly with complete removal and reinstallation of parts required to achieve the best possible finish.

    Day 2:
    Front and rear bumper wrap stretching, laying and cutting techniques
    Disassembly of bumpers and associated trims
    Removal of headlights and taillights (if applicable)
    Hands on experience laying and cutting out bumpers

    The focus of Day 2 will be solely on bumpers. These are usually the most challenging parts of
    the car and due to that we will be dedicating one entire day to allowing students to get the
    opportunity to lay down and cut bumpers on their own. The goal of Day 2 will be that students
    are well versed in the advanced laying, squeegeeing, and cutting techniques required for bumpers. We will also be covering disassembly required for particular cars to achieve the best
    possible finish

    Certified Vinyl Wrap Installer - Training Upon successful completion of both Level 1 & 2 Vinyl Training students will be added to our
    LAB Academy Vinyl community. Here you will be able to share your jobs or ask questions, other
    students as well as our trained staff will be able to assist you with any issues you may

    Price - $999
    Bundle Price for Level 1 and 2: $2199


Full Video of our course:

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Certified Vinyl Wrap Installer - Training
Certified Vinyl Wrap Installer - Training

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