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4" White Hard Card Squeegee

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4" White Hard Card squeegee is a versatile tool commonly used in the automotive industry for window tinting, vinyl wrapping .

Its ergonomic design that It is affordable and essential tool for any application that requires a clean and smooth surface.

Also is good for pushing out bubbles and flat surfaces like doorsvinyl wrap or film to a car, boat, or other vehicles.

It has a smooth, flat surface that allows for easy application and removal of films without damage your work

The squeegee is about 5-6 inches in length, and its shape may vary depending on the manufacturer.

It is important to apply even pressure and use a back and forth motion to avoid creating air pockets

BENEFIT OF 4" White Hard Card Squeegee

  • Smooth : The hard edge of a white hard card squeegee has a smooth and even application of vinyl graphics.

  • Comfortable to use: The comfortable grip of the squeegee allows for use without causing strain.
  • Reduce bubbles: The rigid nature of the squeegee allows for the easy removal of air bubbles.

  • High quality : Using a white hard card ensures a professional and high-quality finish to your work.

  • White hard card squeegees are relatively inexpensive, making them a cost-effective tool for businesses.

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White Hard Card Squeegee, vinyl
4" White Hard Card Squeegee

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