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Blue Chameleon Film By Mirtek

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This stylish window tint gives front windshields a ‘chameleon’-like effect.

VLT 85% IR Nano Ceramic Film

• UV protection

• Stylish

• Heat rejection


Are you tired of stepping into a sweltering car during the scorching summer months? Introducing Blue Chameleon Window Film, the ultimate solution to transform your driving experience. Our innovative film not only blocks harmful UV rays but also reduces heat buildup inside your vehicle, keeping it cool and comfortable. Say goodbye to burning hot seats and sweaty commutes, and hello to a refreshing ride every time you hit the road. With Blue Chameleon Window Film, you'll not only enhance your driving comfort but also protect your interior from fading, preserving its beauty and value for years to come.

But that's not all! Our window film doesn't just provide relief from the heat; it also offers enhanced privacy and security. Shielding your belongings from prying eyes, Blue Chameleon Window Film adds an extra layer of protection against theft and break-ins. Plus, its sleek blue tint adds a touch of style to your vehicle, elevating its appearance while providing unmatched performance. Invest in your driving comfort and peace of mind today with Blue Chameleon Window Film – the smart choice for a cooler, safer, and more stylish ride.

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Blue Chameleon Film By Mirtek
Blue Chameleon Film By Mirtek

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