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Rock Chip Repair Certification - Hands on Certification

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Location: Owner Pride, St. Albert {Edmonton, Alberta}

Date: march 16 and 17 (430pm -7pm)


Automotive Glass Repair Fundamentals - Rock Chip Repair

Become Certified in Rock Chip Repair!

Explore the intricate world of automotive glass repair with our comprehensive course on Rock Chip Repair. This specialized training program is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to effectively address and repair rock chips in vehicle windshields.

Course Highlights:

  1. Introduction to Automotive Glass Repair:

    • Understanding the importance of windshield integrity
    • Overview of different types of glass damage
  2. Rock Chip Anatomy:

    • Identification and classification of rock chips
    • Analysis of the impact point and resulting cracks
  3. Safety and Equipment:

    • Safety protocols for working with automotive glass
    • Introduction to the tools and materials used in rock chip repair
  4. Repair Techniques:

    • Step-by-step instruction on rock chip repair methods
    • Hands-on practice sessions to reinforce skills
  5. Resin Technology:

    • In-depth exploration of resin types and their properties
    • Selection and application of the right resin for specific damage
  6. Advanced Repairs:

    • Addressing complex rock chip scenarios
    • Strategies for repairing multiple and intersecting cracks
  7. Customer Communication:

    • Effective communication with vehicle owners
    • Educating customers on the repair process and expectations
  8. Legal and Regulatory Considerations:

    • Understanding industry standards and regulations
    • Compliance with safety and environmental guidelines
  9. Quality Assurance and Inspection:

    • Implementing thorough quality checks post-repair
    • Strategies for preventing common pitfalls and ensuring customer satisfaction
  10. Business and Marketing Basics:

    • Building and promoting a successful rock chip repair business
    • Developing customer relationships and fostering a positive reputation


The course is delivered through a combination of theoretical lectures, practical demonstrations, and hands-on workshops. Participants will have ample opportunities to apply their skills in a controlled learning environment.

Enroll today to master the art of rock chip repair and contribute to safer and more reliable vehicles on the road!


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Rock Chip Repair Certification - Hands on Certification
Rock Chip Repair Certification - Hands on Certification

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